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Christian Ethos Committee

The role of the Christian Ethos Committee (CEC) is to monitor, evaluate and further develop the effectiveness of St Uny Academy as a Church of England School according to the SIAMS framework September 2018, and in accordance with the ܼžѡˮ’s Scheme of Delegation as agreed with Askel Veur (Diocese of Truro) according to the trust’s articles. 

The trust articles state:

  • Trustees shall establish a Christian Ethos Committee for all academies falling under Article 4(ii) to preserve and develop their Christian character and distinctiveness in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the church at parish and diocesan level
  • The trustees shall ensure that the Christian Ethos Committee shall have a majority of its members appointed by Askel Veur and that all its members shall sign an undertaking to Askel Veur to uphold the designated religious character of the academies falling under Article 4(ii)
  • The power of delegation exercised under Article 105 in relation to the establishment of the Christian Ethos Committee shall be by way of Scheme of Delegation. No alteration or addition shall be made to a scheme of delegation for the Christian Ethos Committee constituted under Article 100(b) without the written consent of Askel Veur

The aims of the CEC:

  • To ensure that the school’s Christian vision continues to inform its provision, relationships and outcomes and that this is understood and supported by ܼžѡˮ Directors and ܼžѡˮ Trust Board 
  • To ensure that close, reciprocal links are maintained with the local Anglican Church and the wider Christian community
  • To enable good communication of information about church-related activities relevant to school (website, Facebook, Twitter) 
  • To enable hub and MAT-wide discussions and the sharing of good practice in RE, collective worship and children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • To provide information on the development of St Uny’s Christian ethos for the ܼžѡˮ Improvement Plan (AIP) and where relevant (such as making links with the local church) contribute to MAT-wide development points
  • To carry out monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the CEC is having a positive impact on the Christian distinctiveness of St Uny Academy and to report annually to the hub council/trust board according to the ܼžѡˮ Scheme of Delegation
  • To facilitate good pastoral care for pupils and staff



Etienne Van Berk

Priest in Charge, The United Benefice of Carbis Bay and 

Lelant (CHAIR) 

Richard Hoskins Head of School, St Uny C of E Academy
Lara Judd Parent, St Uny C of E Academy
Lisa Cook Teaching Assistant, St Uny C of E Academy
Kate Fantaguzzi Parent, St Uny C of E Academy
Jo Osborne Strategic Partner, ܼžѡˮ
Penny Shilston Chair of the Board, ܼžѡˮ