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Posted on: 24/05/2024

MIP Spaceport Ambassadors

Image (8)On Friday 24th May, Class 3 at Mawgan-in-Pydar Primary School were invited to represent the local school community at Spaceport Cornwall.

The presence of Cornish school children highlights the need for an education hub to be developed on site in order to help educate the younger south-west generation about the importance of space in our lives; not just the exploration of the wide blue yonder but also promoting the vital learnings to be made in the world of geology and biology.

Fritha, Spaceport Outreach & Education Coordinator, spent time with Class 3 as they learnt all about satellites and the important jobs they do.  They toured the Spaceport seeing where the satellite engineers work, dressed Mrs Christopher up as an engineer and discussed the special PPE they would need.

They looked at and asked questions about the 75ft replica rocket carrying satellites, which they sent to space last year, and were fortunate to meet the two new CEOs of SPC and give them a thorough and informed grilling!

This is what the Spaceport staff had to say about our wonderful Class 3 pupils:

"...The year 3 class was fabulous, thoughtful, well mannered, understanding, confident and happy. This doesn’t happen ad hoc! It’s very obvious that this culture is created from school through all of your teams hard work...

The members of the UK Space Agency that visited this morning were blown away with your students questions, excitement and enthusiasm ... What a great way to end the half term.

Written by ܼžѡˮ
Written by ܼžѡˮ