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Welcome to ܼžѡˮ Nurseries.

ܼžѡˮ Nurseries provides education for children of pre-school age across a number of ܼžѡˮ academies.

An ܼžѡˮ nursery is an integral part of the EYFS unit within an academy/school and aims to nurture a love of learning, supporting children to reach their full potential and to flourish as confident, independent learners. Happy children are ready to learn through their own play and play with others, by adult modelling and through guided learning and direct teaching.  

Led by qualified and knowledgeable staff, each ܼžѡˮ nursery lays firm foundations for children in their early years. A qualified teacher from each school or academy oversees the curriculum, learning environments and learning outcomes in conjunction with the Nursery Lead. Staff strive to ensure all children have an equal chance of success, informed by knowledge of what can be achieved, and through nurturing strong and respectful partnerships with parents.

We offer a comprehensive and ambitious curriculum. Our provision covers the three prime areas of learning, communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development as well as the four specific areas, which strengthen the prime areas, literacy including phonics, mathematics including mastery, understanding of the world and expressive art and design.  

Our nurseries, the children, families, our dedicated teams and the local community are an integral part of the ܼžѡˮ.  The trust recognises the need for high quality early education where children flourish through the love and care given by all of its nursery practitioners. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) outlines what adults must do to help children learn and develop and to be healthy and safe. The comprehensive guide at the link below is for parents of children from birth to five years old and outlines what adults must do to help children learn and develop and to be healthy and safe.