ܼžѡˮ Vision - The ܼžѡˮ



ܼžѡˮ Vision

working together, inspiring excellence

Our strapline encapsulates the spirit of ܼžѡˮ and delivers an instant association between us and our parents, families, local communities and the world beyond.

By working together and inspiring excellence; we enable our children to excel both academically and in character.

Our mission statement is a declaration of the reason for our very existence, our core purpose.  It brings clarity and meaning to the trust's overall strategy, which in turn provides the purpose and direction for all staff.

Nurturing curiosity, resilience, respect and excellence; our children will thrive and live life well.

Our vision statement is inspirational, aspirational, motivational and achievable, capturing the essence of what the children leaving our academies will carry with them into their adult futures.

Our values