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Governance in the ܼžѡˮ is defined by a clear line of accountability from every academy upwards.  

The ܼžѡˮ is a multi-academy trust, an educational charity, comprising 36 primary academies in Cornwall.  We have joined together in a unique and exciting partnership that will ensure better provision, richer resources, and higher standards for all our pupils.  The academies in the trust are governed by the ܼžѡˮ Board.  

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ܼžѡˮ Trust Board

The ASPIRE TRUST BOARD has responsibility for protecting the interests and assets of each academy as well as ensuring the ethos and values of the trust are maintained. 

The Board of Trustees responsibility covers the same three core governance functions performed by the governing body in a maintained school: setting the direction, holding trust leaders to account and ensuring financial probity.  As trustees of a charitable company, they also ensure that the trust complies with charity and company law requirements.  

The Trust Board is responsible for the ܼžѡˮ strategy, management and governance of the trust, together with the statutory, financial, safety and educational performance of the academies within it.  The trust Board remains legally responsible and accountable for the statutory functions and will work with the CEO, Academy Improvement Group, ܼžѡˮ Senior Leaders and Hub Councils to assess the progress of each academy and ensure they are satisfied Hub Councils can perform the responsibilities delegated to them.  

The Trust Board maintains a direct link to each Hub Council through designated Hub Council Chairs.  The Hub Council is able to raise issues they think need to be escalated to the Trust Board through this direct consultation.  The Hub Councils provide a direct link to the Academy Improvement Group who in turn reports to the Chief Executive Team who oversees the strategic direction of the trust, monitor its effectiveness and drive development.  The Chief Executive Team is accountable to the Board of Trustees.

Local Level Governance 

ܼžѡˮ Hub Councils 

Local-level governance within ܼžѡˮ operates as a HUB model, with groups of academies working together as a HUB COUNCIL to work in line with an annual academy improvement programme designed to raise standards and for all ܼžѡˮ academies to become outstanding.  The hubs are arranged geographically but may be formed for strategic reasons as per the Board.  The Hub Council is made up of volunteers from the community and parents, representing each hub academy, alongside Senior Academy Leaders, led by an elected Chair.

The Hub Councils have been designed and created to focus primarily on monitoring, review and challenge for academy improvement, sports and pupil premium outcomes, academy monitoring and pupil progress.

The constitution of Hub Councils is set out in the ܼžѡˮ Articles of Associations and Terms of Reference.

The role of the Hub Council is to ensure pupils receive their full entitlement, are safe, and enjoy academy life to the maximum. It is a monitoring role, responsible for promoting high standards and educational achievement.  It must ask questions appropriately, challenge the hub leaders and staff and others.    Every ܼžѡˮ academy is accountable to the Trust Board. 

The Hub Council has a clear role in that it provides advice, support, challenge and guidance to the Head of School and to the academy, and it also maintains a responsibility to carry out its duties as delegated by the Trust Board. 

The Hub Council also ensures that the values of the school and the ethos and core values of ܼžѡˮ are upheld and are sufficiently reflected in the academy’s long-term development plans.

The Hub Council will have a clear commitment to challenge effectively where necessary. 

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